What is the Right Tablet to Buy for Elders?
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There are tablets for everyone; tablets for kids, tablets for early adopters, students and professionals. Now, tablets designed for senior citizens, who are skeptical about technology, are starting to fill the tablet market.

The Claris Companion is probably the most user-friendly tablet brand for elders. It is designed to work for the seniors’ needs. The speakers are built into the front for the elders to easily identify where the sound is coming from. Unlike most tablets, Claris Companion does not settle with the shiny, aluminum and plastic look trend in tablets. Instead, it has rounded edges, a stand and a bamboo bezel. It has big buttons, large text, amplified sound and a simple user interface.

The Claris Companion can be personalized by family members and caregivers. They can monitor elders who may need an extra hand, get alerts and send follow up messages about their medication. It includes features that give diabetic testing alerts, monitor family members and remind appointments and medicine schedules. You can get a Claris Companion for $99 with a $59 monthly subscription fee (2 years contract), for $549 and pay a $39 subscription fee that can be canceled anytime, or for $995 for a lifetime subscription with no additional monthly fees.

If you think Claris Companion is expensive for a tablet, another option is the Kindle Fire. It is one of the most affordable tablets and it has a built-in accessibility options like font size. Other tablets also have such options but, Kindle Fire is much easier to use. There’s no need for an expensive tablet if it’s meant only for web browsing, listening to music, playing games, eBook reading and texting. Kindle Fire can do these functions well for your elder. Texting is much easier with text apps for Android. You can install Tablet Talk to help elders use the tablet to send messages to family members in case of emergency. Tablet Talk app is a comprehensive app that allows users to text from tablet using their Android phone number.

Whatever tablet brand you buy, it definitely must have functions for eBook reading, web browsing, playing music and videos, checking emails, texting and playing games. What matters most is how easy to use it  is with extra functionality for your elders’ needs.

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