What does your tablet say about your personality?
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People use their tablets whenever, wherever. Tablets have become the go-to-gadget for reading eBooks, listening to music, watching movies, browsing the web and even texting. Tablets have really established its place into people’s daily lives. Nowadays, tablet users are being identified based on what tablet brand they use. Tablet brands each have a corresponding market with specific individual characteristics and profile types.  With all these tablet interventions, a user’s personality and lifestyle can be identified by the tablet brand of his choice.


iPad users are regarded as the typical early adopters. They are the ones who are likely to spend time on Facebook than Twitter. These people are highly brand conscious and often look into more prestigious brands.




Kindle and Nook

Kindle and Nook users are believed to be conservative. They look deeper into value than brand and regularly spend time on online shops, reading blogs and eBooks. Kindle devices are often seen installed with Shopping apps like Shopping List Pro and Shopping List License, and eBook readers. Shopping apps help users to organize their purchase as easy as possible; and eBook readers enable them to read digital books and periodicals.




Android/Google Tablets

The most tech savvy but careless with brands are the Android/Google tablet users. They are the ones who often explore tablet functions and features. They love to watch movies, listen to music and text on their tablets. Android/Google tablet users pack their devices with a video player, a music player, games, text to talk apps, etc. Tablet Talk is one of the most installed tablet SMS apps on Android/Google tablets. The app enables users to send and receive SMS through an Android tablet using the same number in an Android smartphone. It works by linking the tablet to the Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

In a broader look, most tablet users are likely to fall into a higher income bracket and are better-educated than average. Tablet owners are mostly over the age of 13 and under 44, live in suburbs, vote in every election, get their cable news from CNN and likely to spend 12 hours a week on the Internet. Tablets have become the basis to determine the lifestyle of people. It can be something that speaks of your profile type and personality. The next years will be more profound for users as tablets expand its worth to their lives.

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