Tips to keep your tablets in good condition
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Most people nowadays don’t often read user’s guide which includes ways on how to keep a device in good condition. Usually, they only read steps on how to boot or start up the device, how to use it and its functions and features. The section of the do’s and don’ts or the guidelines on how to take care of the device is always ignored. Such section may only be reminders and cautions but there are still users who don’t really know the right ways to keep their device in good condition. Tablets are one of the most expensive gadgets that you can’t bear to see broken just because of improper use and carelessness. To make it easier to remember, here are short word tips to keep your device working well:

1. Your pen rules!

Don’t use other pen stylus on your screen; use only the stylus that is approved by your manufacturer. Other stylus or non-Tablet pen may damage the unit and may void your warranty.

 2. Tablets are not waterproof

Treat your tablet like a cat that would be very weak when soaked in water. Always keep your unit away from water. Technology may have made the impossible to being possible, but keep in mind that tablets are not yet waterproof.

 3. Sun is not healthy for tablets

Your device doesn’t need vitamin D, so don’t expose it to direct sunlight. It’s not as tough as human skin to endure heat.

 4. Tablets are handy

Never put your device on baggage and go through metal detectors. Security scanners are fine, but these metal detectors may seem destructive with its magnetic tricks.

5. Be organized!

The no. 1 rule to keep all your devices in good condition is to be organized with your stuff. You probably own two or more gadgets, and it will be uneasy to manage all at the same time. Sometimes, there are circumstances where you tend to be busy with one device and forget about the other. This applies mostly to tablets and mobile phones. Bringing both devices gives a lot of hassle to most users. Text to talk apps will make it easier for users to keep their worries away and enjoy most of their time with their tablets. SMS tablet function is now possible using the same number in your Android phone. Such function will expose you to how to text on tablet and let you keep your mobile phone in a secure place. With Tablet Talk app, people will enjoy a complete tablet SMS experience. Tablet Talk is an app that allows users to send and receive SMS through their tablets using their Android phone number. It works simply by linking the tablet to the Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

These simple tips will help keep your device in good condition. The price of your Android tablet is not worth to just let your device scatter anywhere and break easily due to certain damages. Treat your tablet like your baby; it’s fragile in some ways and it needs your extra care.

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