The most convenient tablet screen size for Tablet Talk
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Tablets are the epitome of convenience. It offers almost all the things you need to complete your everyday tasks. You can bring and use it anywhere you want without having to carry around bulky bags. However, most people prefer gadgets that have reasonable sizes; devices that fit in their purses or bags. The size of devices matters a lot, especially to people who use their tablets most of the time. All tablets can browse the web, check emails, and run apps, but the screen size is a thing that makes every tablet unit different from each other.

Apps and features can be some of the reasons why people need to consider first the screen size of their Android tablets. If you are into reading e-books and magazines, posting blogs, giving presentations, writing lots of memos and playing video games, smaller tablets won’t be good enough for you. It may be easier to hold, but that’s different from being portable.

Using your Android tablet for texting is another factor that can make you decide to get a large-screen tablet. If you really have bad eyes and fat fingers, texting from smaller tablets will not be very comfortable. Indeed, text to talk apps work best on tablets with bigger screens.

Many users usually install Tablet Talk app in their wide-screen tablets for a more convenient SMS experience. Tablet Talk is a comprehensive texting app for Android tablets that allows users to send and receive SMS with their tablets using their Android phone number. Link your tablet to your Android phone using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network to start texting from your tablet. Reviews say that Tablet Talk app is perfect with the 7-inch Asus Google Nexus 7. Its functions and features best work with Nexus 7’s large screen display.

You can choose over hundreds of tablet units in the market. However, the size of your Android tablet still depends on your needs, but when it comes to tablet SMS, tablets with larger screens are better.

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