The effect of tablets to children’s minds
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Change is the only word that can be linked to tablets these days. In few years, these devices have changed the way people live, the way they work and the way they interact with others. Its features and functions piqued the interests of people and lead them to spend more time in front of these shiny screens.

People often use these devices at work. Tablets are indeed very handy than organizers, notebooks and pens. There’s no need to write down important notes and bring bulky documents and folders. Convenience is really what it gives everybody that everything can fit in these devices. It also made communication easier and faster. With its newest SMS function, people will learn how to text from their tablets like on their real phones. Such feature is possible with tablet SMS apps like Tablet Talk. Tablet Talk is a comprehensive app that allows users to send and receive SMS through their tablets using their Android phone number. Simply link the tablet to the Android phone number via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. These devices have saved you from bringing two or more gadgets.


But despite these good shifts and turns, why do tablets still pose threats to this world? One of the things that these devices endanger is the quality and development of communication skills of individuals, especially children. Though it brought good change to communication, tablets are believed to greatly influence the way children develop their communication skills. Parents usually give their children tablets to keep them occupied and not to disturb anybody. In this way, they are putting their children in a very isolated world; a place where the child and tablet only exist. The moment a child holds the device, there’s a little chance that he can be available for any conversation. It will be difficult to get the attention back as soon as the tablet has piqued the child’s mind. Such situation will hinder children to interact with other people, especially to their parents and siblings, who are the ones to put them in the midst of the unending tablet world. Just imagine what your child is missing while spending time in front of that shiny screen.

Parents should be responsible in maintaining good discipline in handing tablets to their children. It shouldn’t be a thing to keep them away from bothering you, instead it should be a way to strengthen their relationship with you.

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