Tablet Talk makes a good tablet-user relationship
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Tablets have become the favorite companions of many people in their work, school stuff, home duties and other necessary matters. It’s not anymore considered as an “expensive toy” or a “gadget for entertainment”, instead it’s regarded as a “must-have device” for everyone. Indeed, tablets have built a good relationship with its users. After the release of the iPad, tablet usage has grown and surpassed the time spent for desktops and laptops. Users spend at least one hour a day on their tablet, especially at home. Tablets are often used at work and in school, but mostly in travel and in times when there’s nothing to do. These devices have invaded even the most private time of a person. Sometimes, our tablets know more about us than what our family or friends do.

Its convenience and portability has made it very attractive to people. Tablets are capable of giving users the most comfortable time for working, studying, web browsing, reading, playing, and even texting. There are now SMS apps that expose users on how to text from a tablet and keep them from worries about handling two devices at the same time. This makes a strong tablet-user relationship. People can text from their tablet in two easy steps: (1) Install Tablet Talk both on tablet and phone; and (2) Link the tablet to the Android phone.

Tablet Talk is a tablet SMS app that makes a tablet function like a real phone. By simply linking the tablet to the Android phone via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection, users can start sending and receiving text messages through their tablets using their Android phone number. Users can also make calls using a Bluetooth headset. The app syncs the phone inbox to the tablet and keeps it updated.

People have spent much of their time with their tablets than with their family and friends. Many people considered these devices as their “best buds” or “baby”; something that is really important and valuable. Its features have been factors on how these devices have established a good relationship with its users. As tablets become capable of new functions, users tend to develop deeper interest on these devices and spend more time using it.

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