Tablet Talk: A great phone-tablet combination
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Tablets and mobile phones are the common devices used to communicate and connect with other people. When talking about tablet and mobile phone differences, making calls and sending text messages are the biggest advantages of mobile phones. A mobile phone is something that can be put in the pocket, hold next to your ear, make a call and send a text message anywhere, anytime. On the other hand, the tablet is useful and convenient not only for communicating but also for daily tasks. It has beaten mobile phones with its access to a faster communication with its web browsing and email features.

The difference of tablet and mobile phone has become unclear with the invention of smartphones and phone-tablets. Nowadays, most smartphones come with some tablet features like browsing the web and accessing emails. Phone-tablets or phablets also include phone functions like making calls and text messaging. Tablet brands and app developers have enabled tablets with phone capabilities for a faster and more convenient communication. Through SMS apps, you can use your tablet for text messaging and making calls.

Tablet Talk app is a text to talk app that allows users to send and receive SMS through a tablet. By simply linking the Android phone to the tablet, there’s little chance you will miss text messages or calls. Tablet Talk has provided two options to sync your phone to your tablet. Bluetooth option enables tablet SMS even without Internet connection. You can easily switch to Wi-Fi whenever you want to browse the web and send SMS as well. Calls are also possible with the use of Bluetooth headset. Tablet Talk also guarantee a private and secure text messaging. Messages and calls are not forwarded to an intermediate server or stored in a cloud server.

Tablets have overcome its lack of telephone features through the development of SMS apps. New tablets are being released with much improved phone capabilities and mobile phones are turning into smartphones. Indeed, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets make a great device combination.

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