Tablet Talk Guarantees a Secure Tablet SMS Messaging
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Tablet Talk Version 1.8.2Next to portability, privacy is very important to tablet users. Tablets have been used to store important documents, files and personal information. Nowadays, many users are very keen in choosing which app is secure to install on their devices. People worry about the fact that developers or some company servers could access their documents and personal information. Such concern has led users to search for secure apps that could guarantee their security and privacy.

Tablets have been very useful in communication. Mailing has become one of the top activities of tablet owners. Chatting and text messaging have been also part of the daily tablet habit. Each day, there are thousands of text messages sent and received through tablets via tablet SMS apps. The U.S. government has also engaged in an illegal surveillance of domestic communications to millions of American citizens. It was revealed that the National Security Agency has been intercepting phone calls and Internet communications. In such situation, Is there any guarantee that every single message is private and secure from third parties?

There could still be calls and messages that will be private between two individuals. Some SMS apps have developed Bluetooth options for consumers’ security and privacy. Tablet Talk app has Bluetooth options that directly sync messages from phone to the tablet without any Internet intervention. Phone calls and text messages are not uploaded to certain cloud servers and more secure from third parties. Tablet Talk is a comprehensive app that allows users to use tablets for texting. The app works by linking the tablet to an Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Calls and messages are much secure with the use of the Bluetooth option. The developer has never seen any users messages or conversation.

With the very high technology that the world has, there are hundreds of prying eyes that could intrude into one’s device. It is important that users make sure their devices are not open doors for third parties and intruders.

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