Tablet Talk 1.8.0 with the newest Split long SMS and DashClock Widget options
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Tablet Talk has improved its settings and added new features with its latest 1.8.0 version. Tablet Talk has a new look and feel, but previous UI settings and existing themes can still be used. The updated DashClock Widget Extension gives the user the option to display number of new conversations instead of messages. Tablet Talk also now has the new Split long SMS option for users on CDMA networks, which fixes sending multipart SMS. In addition, there have been various fixes and improvements. For example, the Direct dial homescreen shortcuts now call the contacts instead of opening their numbers in the dialer.

Tablet Talk is a comprehensive app that allows users to send and receive SMS, MMS, and more on their tablets using their Android phone numbers. It works by simply linking the tablet to the Android phone with the use of a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. With Tablet Talk, the tablet becomes an extensions of the phone, keeping away worries of checking two or more gadgets simultaneously. It also has other features like the Caller ID, quick reply pop-ups, and photo sharing options. It automatically syncs all messages to the tablet to keep the inbox up to date.

For a complete tablet SMS experience, install Tablet Talk on both tablet and Android phone. Tablet Talk 1.8.0 version is now available at Google Play Store. Get its latest version for a price of only $2.99. Updates are always free and setup is easy with details and instructions available in the app. Tablet SMS is easy and convenient with Tablet Talk. For users who are new to tablet SMS features, Tablet Talk 1.8.0 could be a smart start to maximize Android tablets.

About Tablet Talk

Tablet Talk™ is a comprehensive SMS app for Android tablets. It allows users to send and receive text messages on tablet using the same mobile number of their Android phone. Tablet Talk™ integrates nearly every feature from a phone’s SMS app, while also providing other useful functions such as Caller ID, quick reply popups and photo sharing. It is a “must have” app for a complete tablet experience. For more information, visit

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