Tablet SMS: The newest thing for Android tablets
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Tablets are actually products of development and evolution, and not a new invention as most people would think.In fact, the first tablet was built in 1888 that used a stylus to capture handwritings. Numerous tablets were built in the next few years, but the level of technology during those times had affected the continuous development of these devices. Tablets were actually developed into laptops, adding a keyboard to easily input data into it. The birth of other technology came after tablets evolved into devices that proved there is a market for portable computers.

But what have tablets really become these days? Tablets have become that middle ground between personal computers and smartphones. Tablets have gone through several developments making it one of the most purchased gadgets. With its processor faster than that of smartphones and the fact that it’s handy compared to personal computers, tablets have become the most wanted gadget that can offer you most things you need for everyday living. Tablets are capable of running different applications that may be one of your interests and needs. You can watch movies, listen to music, read e-books, store files, play games, surf the web, send and receive emails and now, even send and receive SMS.

Now, how to text from a tablet? Tablets have really gone so far with its uses and features. One of the newest things about your Android tablet is it can now be used for sending and receiving SMS. Tablet Talk app has made it possible to get you the best tablet sms experience. It is a comprehensive SMS app that allows users to send and receive text messages with a tablet, using the same mobile number used in an Android phone. To start texting from your tablet, simply link your Android phone to your tablet using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network. Calls are also possible with the use of a Bluetooth headset. Tablet Talk app syncs your tablet with your phone inbox and downloads all messages that keeps it up to date.

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