Tablet Economy: The great change brought by tablets
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Android tablets have brought in great changes, not only to people’s lives, but also to the entire world. Tablets have become the most used gadgets – from fun and entertainment, to communication and social networking, up to business, specifically e-commerce. It has been useful to every individual, whether it be students, professionals or businessmen. Now, these devices have created its place in the core of the three most essential industries of the world: entertainment, communication and business.

Android tablets can never be denied of the fact that they were first used as “toys” for fun and leisure. Indeed, the tablet has been considered as an expensive toy, since most people popularly used it only for games before. All tablets are capable of running fun game apps from Google Play Store, as long as the device supports the app requirements of certain games.


It is also useful for communication, specifically with text messaging. With the newest SMS function of tablets, users can now text from their tablets using the same phone number they have. Simply install Tablet Talk app both to your Android phone and tablet to use it for such function. Tablet Talk is a comprehensive app that allows users to send and receive text messages through their tablets using the same phone number. It also syncs all your text messages from tablet to phone in just few seconds. This keeps your devices always updated. The app works by simply linking your tablet to your Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Now, tablets are also changing the business industry. These devices have provided users with the newest way to purchase items and goods online. 60% of tablet owners already have purchased goods using their device. 20% of all mobile E-commerce sales came from tablets and 21% of mobile traffic retail is also from tablets. If most people spend one and a half hour on their tablet, 10-20% of them typically spend time purchasing online. 56% of the total tablet users’ population have downloaded shopping-related apps. These increasing tablet users who use their device for online purchases simply define a new category of shoppers.

Unconsciously, people have embraced tablets as very important and necessary tools in their everyday lives. There could even come a time when they won’t be able to work without their tablets.

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