People love tablets more than other gadgets
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Many people have admitted that they use their tablets more often than they use their smartphones. Android tablets really replaced the stand of mobile phones to the lives of gadget users. Indeed, tablet users spent 90 minutes per day and an average of $34 for apps on their tablets. Most of them prefer a 10” screen size tablet for convenient and quality use. There is also a great percentage of people who use their tablets on the road and in the bathroom. Many of them are into reading e-books, browsing the web and playing games.

Tablet texting is one of the most recent functions that people really love about their Android devices. There could be less hassle in bringing two devices at the same time and you don’t need to put down your tablet to check for text messages on your phone, if you really spend more time on your tablet. Text messaging will be much convenient and faster. There are several tablet SMS apps for Android available in Google Play Store which can give you a complete SMS experience.

Tablet Talk app has made it possible for you to text from your tablet using your Android phone number. It is a comprehensive app that allows users to send and receive SMS through their tablets. The app works by simply linking your tablet to your Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. It also syncs your phone inbox and downloads all your messages and calls to your tablet that keeps your device updated. Using a Bluetooth headset, calls are also possible with Tablet Talk.

People really believe that tablets have improved their life and work balance. They see these devices not as gadgets but necessary tools that help them with their everyday tasks. By 2015, there could be 82.1 million tablet users in the United States. And in few years more, tablets could be a device that everyone must have.

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