Nexus 7: The perfect Android tablet for Tablet Talk
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Android tablets are invading the world of gadgets and mobile devices. It has replaced the laptop as the most convenient device for people’s everyday lives. From being a gadget for games and entertainment, Android tablets have evolved into a device for better and easier living. It can cater almost all the things you need: games, music, movies, photo sharing, organizer, file manager, web search, emails, and texting.

You may be asking how come it’s possible to text from your tablet. Two things will definitely give that question a very good answer: (1) Get the perfect Android tablet; and (2) install the best text app for tablets. Try it yourself!

Best Android Tablet for Tablet TalkYou may want to check on Nexus 7. Asus Google Nexus 7 is one of the most purchased Android tablets these days. It’s not only the specs that make it to be liked by many Android users, but also its compatibility with different apps available in the Google Play Store. You can improve your own Nexus 7 with all the custom features you want. There are amazing apps that can make your Nexus 7 the perfect Android tablet. Listen to your music collection with Google Play Music; enjoy lots of movies by getting MX player; organize, edit and share photos using Picasa; control your screen with Ultimate Rotation Control; get Camera Launcher for a quick and easy camera access; manage your apps with ES Task Manager; get your ES File Explorer to have all your files and applications in one file manager; enjoy a simple and quick notepad editing experience with Color Note; and directly print documents, files, images, emails, and web pages using your device with PrintHand app.

Make your tablet experience more fun. Install Tablet Talk, one of the best talk text apps, to enjoy a complete tablet sms experience. Tablet Talk will allow you to send and receive SMS with your tablet using your Android phone number. By simply linking your tablet to your Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, you can start texting from your tablet. Calls are only possible with the use of Bluetooth headset.

With its amazing features, Nexus 7 will be perfect for your tablet SMS experience. You won’t only have a complete tablet SMS function , but also amazing apps that will get you the best tablet experience ever.

Install Tablet Talk today:

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