Integrate Tablet Talk with DashClock Widget in Version 1.7.4
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Things just got better with the latest version of Tablet Talk. Sending and receiving text messages through your tablet is a lot more convenient with its new updates in Version 1.7.4. Tablet Talk’s new version includes a Scrolling Inbox Widget for home screen (3.0+) and lockscreen (4.0+) that will allow you to see all current and previous conversations in your inbox, which comes in two themes. You can now also use Tablet Talk with the DashClock Widget extension for texts and calls. There are also internal changes and updates like allowing you to send higher quality pictures from your tablet. Now, Tablet Talk could be another photo sharing option for you. The resend for group MMS, forward for pictures and more have been also fixed and updated.

Tablet Talk is a comprehensive SMS app that allows users to send and receive text messages with a tablet, using the same mobile number used in a smartphone. Tablet Talk works by connecting an Android tablet and phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing users to text on their tablet anywhere and anytime. It integrates nearly every feature from a phone’s SMS app, while also providing other useful functions such as Caller ID and quick reply popups. It is a “must-have” app for a complete tablet experience.

Installing Tablet Talk on both tablet and phone is easy. The app needs to be purchased only once. It will appear under the My Apps on the phone and tablet. There is no subscription, and updates will always be free. Setup is very simple, with detailed instructions and help available in the app.

Tablet Talk, with its updated settings and options, gives you a better tablet sms experience. There are lots of tablet sms android apps, but Tablet Talk could just be the talk text app that you’ve been looking for. Tablet Talk Version 1.7.4 is now available for download at Google Play Store.

For Tablet Talk users, Version 1.7.4 is now available for download at Google Play Store. For new users who want to maximize their tablet by integrating mobile phone features of texting and calling, Tablet Talk is easy to download and install. Check it out at the Google Play Store.

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