How to text from tablet using Tablet Talk?
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With the fast changing technology, tablets have become an all-in-one gadget packed with all the necessary things that people need. It has resolved the hassle of bringing bulky stuff and gadgets at the same time. Your tablet and mobile phone are indeed the most important devices you need for your everyday work, so leaving one of these stuff would probably cause you problems. Less things to bring, less stuff to worry about. Now, tablet and SMS app developers have engaged Android tablets with functions that will allow text messaging on tablets. Texting from tablet is probably new to people who don’t expect that such function is now possible with Android tablets.

It is very easy to make your tablet work like a mobile phone. You only need three things to start with your tablet SMS experience: (1) Android tablet, (2) Android phone and (3) Tablet Talk app. There could be lots of questions about how to text on tablet, but is it really easy and simple?  To get you started, purchase Tablet Talk app from Google Play Store for only $2.99, then install it both on your tablet and Android phone. Tablet Talk is a texting app for Android tablet that allows user to send and receive SMS with their tablets. After the app has been installed, simply link your Android phone to your tablet via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network. From then on, you can start sending and receiving SMS with your tablet using your Android phone number. It syncs your tablet with your phone inbox and downloads all messages that keeps it up to date.It is also possible to make calls with the use of a Bluetooth headset.

Out of all the SMS apps for tablets, Tablet Talk is one of the easiest and simplest to put into your device: no long list of instructions and installation procedures. Tablet Talk is just as easy as, install, link and text.

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