How fast have Android tablets changed the world today?
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There’s no doubt that the market for tablets have grown fast, causing a great shift in the world of technology. It has changed the way how people behave over variety of devices and how they deal with the fact that laptops and personal computers have been outrun by Android tablets. Its convenience and portability have lured the immediate attention of the public. The release of the Apple iPad signalled the tablet invasion, not only in the market but also to other industries such as News and Entertainment. After the release of iPad, there have been hundreds of other tablet models that came out due to the great demand of tablet consumers. The whole world has undergone a quick shift from sitting in front of their laptops and PC to tapping screens of their tablets. The current trend of communication process and news dissemination can affirm that tablets have really changed the world today.

Web browsing and searches are very common functions of Android tablets. All tablets can be used to surf the web and make research. Tablets can solely be the media for people, that it can feed you news, give you information and offers entertainment and leisure. There’s no need to keep yourself busy and tired of sitting in front of a laptop or PC, if you could do it with a drink in a coffee shop, sit on a couch or relax on your bed without being stucked in one place because of cords and different connections.

Android tablets have also changed how people communicate. It has shown the world that it would be perfect to text from a 7-10 inch screen than that of a thumb-sized screen. Different app developers have introduced many text to talk apps to guide people on how to text from on tablet. Tablet Talk is one of the most liked tablet SMS apps that offers easy ways to start texting from your tablet. It allows users to send and receive SMS through their tablet, using their Android phone number. By linking your tablet and Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, your tablet will work perfectly like a real phone. Tablet Talk syncs your tablet with your phone inbox and downloads all messages that keeps it up to date. It is also possible to make calls with the use of a Bluetooth headset.

Most people use their tablet daily to get daily news and information. It could be very sad that books, magazines, newspapers and other print media will soon be off the market. There may be some consequences, but imagine what great convenience tablets can do for you.

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