Five ways to use Sticky Notes on Tablet Talk
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Version 1.9 of Tablet Talk introduced a new feature – Sticky Notes! The video at the bottom of the page shows how to create and share Sticky Notes, but I thought I would use this post to highlight five ways to use Sticky Notes on Tablet Talk. There are many use cases, ranging from personal reminders to critical business uses!

1. Save a draft SMS to send later

Here’s the scenario: You have an important text that you need to send later in the day, but you are afraid that you’ll forget what to text later. Use Sticky Notes to create a draft version of the text now, and then when the time comes later in the day, it will be queued up and ready to be sent to the intended recipient.
The Sticky Note message can be inserted into the texting area by simply selecting the Sticky Note and tapping the pencil icon. Then hit the “Send” button.

2. Repeating text messages

Let’s say you have set up your bank account to text your balance, last deposit, and other details when you text the bank certain commands, such as #BALANCE# and #LAST#. It’s a pain to remember what the commands are, however. Use Sticky Notes to create draft versions of each of these commands. When you need to get your bank balance or confirm a deposit, just select the Sticky Note, click the pencil icon, and press “Send”!

3. Create a reminder

In Tablet Talk, you may have some threads that are updated every day. What if one of your contacts texts an important piece of information that you have to remember, such as the date of an appointment, an address, or a phone number? No one wants to have to hunt through a long thread to find the data, but by using a Sticky Note, it will be readily available when you need to retrieve it. You can copy and paste text from an SMS into a Sticky Note (hold down your finger over the text that you want to copy), or manually type it out:

Compose a Sticky Note in Tablet Talk

4. Share a Sticky Note via SMS

Sticky Notes from one thread can be easily shared with someone else via SMS, using Tablet Talk to send the text. If you’ve created a Sticky Note in the thread with your boss, you can quickly forward it to a colleague. Select the Sticky Note, click the “Share” icon, and tap the Tablet Talk icon when you are presented with the list of channels. The Tablet Talk compose window will appear with the Sticky Note text already in the body of the message. Type the name or number of the colleague, and hit “Send”.

5. Email a Sticky Note to a friend or colleague (or yourself)

Another way to share Sticky Notes is via email. If you have configured email on your tablet, when you tap the sharing icon below the Sticky Note you will see the option to send it via email. Tap the email icon, and a compose window will appear, with the Sticky Note text automatically copied over.

Tablet Talk now comes with a limited number of free Sticky Notes, along with the option to upgrade to an annual subscription with unlimited Sticky Notes as part of Tablet Talk’s Business Extension Package. Download the tablet SMS app today!

Video demo of Sticky Notes:

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