Tablet Talk included in the new DynaVox T10!
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DynaVox T10 tablet

We have some great news to share. Tablet Talk is now proudly featured on the DynaVox T10 device, enabling users to extend their communications to text messaging and mobile phones. DynaVox speech-generating devices have helped thousands of individuals that have limited or no speech due to a variety of causes including stroke, autism, CP, ALS or traumatic injury. Tablet Talk is available on both dedicated and open devices.

The DynaVox T10 comes with other software, including DynaVox Compass, and has some other neat features, too. You can learn more about the tablet on the official DynaVox website.

The Tablet Talk team is proud to have its software included in the DynaVox T10. If you or a loved one uses the T10, please share your story with us!

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